5 reasons to hire an Adwords consultant

1) Consultants work harder and longer

in fact they work far harder than your regular 9-5 employees. Consultants have to prove their worth for every project they undertake, often times consultants will rely on repeat business and will work round the clock often going over their projected hours in order to achieve results. Adwords consultants are no different! In fact Adwords consultancy is a tough market, a consultant can be fired easily without any given notice and a replacement can be brought in to take over the project. This is in stark contrast to IT consultants and management consultants which are not easily replaceable.

Unlike 9-5 staff who can relax into their roles and have the security over the heads, and Adwords consultant has no safety net. Therefore the consultant will work exceptionally hard to keep clients happy.

2) Meeting unexpected demands

Consultancy is the best and most cost effective way to hire field experts to fulfil short term needs. Whether it’s just for seasonal uptick in business or you need cover for short term staffing issues an external consultant is a surefire bet. It’s the ideal choice because it saves you from having to hire full time staff and dealing with all the liabilities of having permanent staff.

3) Small businesses who need small campaign management

The overwhelming majority of clients who approach me for Adwords consultancy are usually small to medium sized business who don’t need a whole lot of time for campaign management. Often they simply need an expert to look at their campaigns and fine tune them for 6-8 hours a week or so. A consultant is cost effective, yet provides noticeable improvement in campaign optimisation. In addition to this a consultant will cut out the add-on agency fee of working with an digital marketing agency.

4) Obtain specialised skillsets

These days there are far too many jack of all trades, organisations typically have a “online marketing expert” who may be involved with social media marketing, SEO, PPC and a whole host of other digital marketing roles. It takes no Einstein to figure out that the more skill sets a person juggles the less diluted their expertise becomes. An Adwords consultant will ONLY with with Adwords and nothing more, therefore their skillset is highly refined.

5) Broader perspective

An in-house campaign manager may have their scope limited by being involved in the day to day running of the business. A consultant can offer an alternative perspective, offer new approaches to your marketing channel. Often a consultant will work for various other different campaigns for a variety of different sectors, this keeps the consultant abreast of different marketing strategies. So an Adwords consultant can add tremendous value just from that insider knowledge from other firms’ campaigns.